About Freedom Home Care

Freedom Home Care was established to address the growing demand for high quality private pay home care services on Boston's North Shore. We are affiliated with MCHC which has been providing the highest level of services to thousands of clients for more than ten years.

Why choose Freedom Home Care? There are many reasons, but our founding principles will give you some insight into why Freedom Home Care is your best choice for personalized care and home services:

• We provide "life care," not just                      "health care"

To live a comfortably independent life, people today often have multiple needs that go beyond health services.

Our goals are to help you remain in your home and to help you remain independent, but also to ease the burdens of finding trustworthy resources for other needs that arise. 

• Family involvement welcome

We honor and respect the important role your family plays in your overall care. We encourage families to be involved from the beginning. If you wish, we will arrange special communications with family members to keep them apprised.

• Our Mission

We will strive to do everything in our power to satisfy your needs. After all, our mission is to assure that you live the life that you deserve!